Weekend in El Paso, TX

This past weekend I made another trip up to El Paso, Tx to visit my brother’s family. El Paso is an 8 hour drive from where I reside in Abilene. This time I was lucky enough to get the hookup from my mom’s good friend and be seated in first class. After over sleeping and missing my first flight out of Abilene I finally made it to DFW where I had a layover. When I boarded the jet that was to take me to El Paso my seat was 5E. This was my first time ever in first class. I was extremely excited to see what this was all about but it really was nothing special. The main thing that I observed that was different than coach was the extra leg room. This was a very welcoming sight as im a pretty big dude. The flight was short and within an hour and half I was on the ground in El Paso. El Paso is a pretty big city that borders mexico. You can litterally see mexico and how poverished everything looks. Its quite an amazing sight. Its also very hot, like all of Texas.

When I got off the plane and saw my brother Mike his wife Jenny and their son Landon I was so excited and couldnt help but smile. I love them all so much. First thing we did was head back to their apartment and I got out of my uncomfortable ” first class” attire. Shorts, tank top and flip flops is what I need. Then we headed to one of my favorite fast food joints that they do not have in Abilene, Carl’s Jr. I love that place.

The main thing that intrigues me about this city is all the food places that they have. On saturday we headed to this place called Kiki’s mexican restaurant. This place was featured on the food network and I wanted to check it out and see why it was so popular. To say the least, none of us were pleased with the food. Maybe because were from the state with the best mexican food this side of the border but the food was nothing to write home about.

I love visiting my bro’s family and im real glad he got stationed in Texas as well. El Paso is not the greatest city but its really not bad either, at least I dont think it is. This was another fun weekend filled with swimming, eating, movie watching and just enjoying the time i have with Mike before he deploys next month. Hopefully this wont be my last time here before he deploys but if it is then I will definitely be back to El Paso when he returns.


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