My future University

When I get out of the military in December of 2012 my plan is to use the GI Bill and go to school in Thailand. There are quite a few schools that accept the bill but all except one, are located in Bangkok. Bangkok is a crazy city and I think living there would be insane so i’m hoping to attend Webster University in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is a small beach city on the eastern side of Thailand. Its about 3 hours from the port that can access a couple islands as well as 3 hours by train south of Bangkok. I think it will be pretty fun to live there. I was there for 3 days during my last trip to Thailand and the town is nice and quiet and kind of off the beaten path so there wont be too much tourist action. On the weekends or when i’m not in class i plan on scoping out the island in search of a bar/hostel I can buy. That’s my plan. I want to live and work on the beach in Thailand. Ill be going to school for my bachelors degree in business as I hope to already have my associates degree by the time I am out of the military.


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  1. Follow your dreams Son!

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