Hostel Spotlight: Khaosan Road Rainbow Hostel

This hostel is located just a 2 minute walk from the legendary Khaosan Road in the heart of Bangkok. Every backpacker has heard of Khaosan Road and its the location where everyone wants to stay. Rainbow Hostel offers a good amount ofdifferent rooms from the common dorm with shared bathroom to the single rooms with private bathrooms. You can also choose between A/C or fan rooms.

Bangkok is hot, extremely hot in the summer time so I would grab an A/C room if available. Usually I stick with the fan room but here its only a couple bucks more the a fan room so I “splurge” for that added comfort. Nothing worse than trying to fall asleep in a room that’s above 90 degrees F. Believe me, I’ve tried.

During my last trip to Thailand when I went with my buds we stayed here twice. At the begining and end of the trip. None of them had been backpacking before so I wanted to find the most basic hostel I could so that they can get their feet wet in the backpacking/hostel world. I browsed for a little bit and came across Khaosan Road Rainbow Hostel. It really was the perfect choice. Right near Khaosan Road, cheap price for A/C dorm, and had free internet.

Free internet is a huge factor for me when deciding where to book. Every traveler needs internet. Its a way to stay in touch with friends and family back home, book future hostels, and of course, keep up to date with how your favorite sports teams are doing. This hostel has free WiFi so I booked it.

When we arrived and headed to our room it was a simple 6 bed dorm ( 3 bunk beds). Just how I liked it. The beds were pretty hard and thin but I was used to that. The WiFi worked decently as we were up on the 3rd floor. The shared bathroom was down the hall and I never had to wait for it to be unoccupied.

Downstairs in the lobby was also an indian restaurant. I never ate there but it always had a few people eating in it. The staff were friendly and accommodating and had good knowledge of the area. There was no curfew which was nice as the crazies on Khaosan Road come out late at night.

Overall this was a decent hostel and you did get a lot of bang for your buck. Clean bathrooms, OK beds, A/C, and free WiFi made it a pretty enjoyable stay. We stayed a total of 4 nights here and it was a good hostel experience. Not the best place we stayed on the trip but if youre looking for a basic hostel with the necessary ammenities then this is a great place. Plus, you can not beat the location of this hostel .

RATING: 7/10


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