Old Post from 2 months before Thailand last March

I was looking around and found this old post that I had posted on another blog site that I know longer use and wanted to share. Kinda crazy reading this after the trip. I had forgotten about it.

Well there is just under 2 months left until i head back to one of my favorite countries that ive ever wandered around: Thailand. People always ask me why do i love Thailand so much and for some reason its tough to answer. I can not just name one thing that makes me want to go back there again and again. I love everything about that country from the amazing beaches to the nice people and not to mention its extremely cheap. The food is amazing and it is probably in my top three of favorite kinds of food. Theres nothing better than buying some chicken on a stick on Khoa San Road and strolling up and down looking at all the tourists buy the things tourists buy. I am not a tourist. Backpackers are not tourists. I like to go off the beaten path and stay in the cheapest places possible. Tourists go for the most luxorious hotels and always travel in a group of other tourists because they over paid by hundereds of dollars at the tour agency office. I like to get places on my own. Take the cheapest route possible. This way allows you see the real country for what it is and gets you away from the fake tourist side of things.

Now all there is to do is wait. I hate this part. The flights have been booked, the hostel in bangkok for when we arrive has been booked and the hotel for the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan has been booked. Yes, i did say “hotel”. This is we be one of only a handful of times that ill have stayed in a hotel while backpacking. Like i said before I always go for the cheap hostels but this party is so insane and so much fun that it calls for a badass hotel on the beach. That is exactly what we have booked. The resort in called Blue Marine. we reserved two rooms and both are ” beachfront cottages”. They consist of two beds and a balcony with two chairs, a table, and of course, a hammock overlooking the ocean. This place is pretty cheap. We got the two rooms for five nights and the total was just under $600 bucks. So thats just under $150 USD per person for a sweet room beachfront room during the world famous party. This is by far the most ive paid for a room while backpacking but i know from experience just how crazy this party is and it warrants a room like this.

Now, the three others guys im going with have never done the backpacker thing before so I thought “what better way to break them in than have there first taste of a hostel be a shitty one?” So thats what I did. I searched for the shittiest room in bangkok i could find but i also wanted it to be near Khao San Road so I found one thats cheap and kinda shitty. Ive definatly stayed in worse hostels throughout my days but this one will be good for them. We have a four bed dorm so we will all me in there together and it was only $4 bucks a night/person. My first time in Bangkok I went real cheap and had a ten bed dorm with no a/c and a broken fan that didnt do anything for me and it was $1.35/night. It was miserable. So this should be a slight upgrade.

Im looking forward to this flight because we have an overnight layover in LA which means ill get to see my family and Halo. It also means that ill be able to take Ed and Tim around my hometown for the night which will be fun. It was pretty stressful trying to find flights that would allow us to land in LA and have Jason get on the same flight as us but I made it happen after days of searching for the perfect flight. Overall, we got a pretty good deal on the price. the price of the flight from DFW to BKK ( Bangkok ) was $1179 after the price of the travel insurance. I normally never buy the insurance but this was pretty cheap so I got it. Jason’s flight from LAX to BKK was under $1000 and that was what he wanted to stay under. Also, on the way back we have an eight hour layover in S. Korea which happens to be home to some of Ed’s relatives so we are gonna wander around S. Korea for a few hours and hopefully meet his relatives.

Two months away. Seems like a long time but im hoping it goes pretty fast. I have a lot planned here in the next couples months so im thinking it should go by rather quick.


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    • hey dude thanks for stopping by. I tried but my google adsense acccount still says in verification process. could you maybe help me out? im about to just buy the domain name. maybe that has something to do with it

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