Movie Review: Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs was released in 2011 and didn’t get the best reviews. It stars James Marsden and Kate Bosworth as a married couple moving from Los Angeles back to Kate’s hometown in Mississippi. James is a successful screenwriter from LA who plans on using the quite locale of Kate’s late father’s house to write his next movie. Things don’t quite go as planned. When the two arrive in Kate’s hometown, in their $100,000 + Jaguar convertible, they immediately catch the eyes of the locals. All of them are excited to see Kate, no one more so than her ex high school boyfriend. Right away he starts to hit on Kate and we the audience are first shown the soft, non threatening side of her husband, James. As the movie progresses the tension between the locals and Kate and James escalates and the final scene is somewhat unexpected and entertaining. Straw Dogs is not a ” drop what you’re doing” must see movie but it is really entertaining and will keep you wondering when the sure to come resolution of the their conflict will come. I recommend watching if you have a night and nothing else grabs your attention in the Redbox or Netflix.



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